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MarineSpace Globe Marine Aggregate Dredging

MarineSpace has significant expertise in developing, consenting and maintaining marine aggregate extraction sites

MarineSpace has significant expertise in developing, consenting and maintaining marine aggregate extraction sites.  Considered to be one of the most experienced consultancies in the UK in this regard, we have been involved in all stages of development from prospecting and exploration, to maintenance, operation and monitoring, and final hand back following cessation of activities. Our work includes provision of technical advice on the geological, ecological, archaeological or cumulative and in-combination aspects of the licensing or operation of aggregate licences, and / or any consenting advice that may be required.

Specifically, MarineSpace is able to provide the following services and products to the marine aggregate dredging industry:

  • Advice and site selection support for tender rounds
  • EIA scoping for aggregate sites
  • Full environmental impact assessment and Environmental Statement documents
  • Chapters and / or technical input into EIA documents (Project Management of entire EIA process and / or technical input to physical processes, marine ecology, fish ecology, commercial fisheries, ornithology, marine archaeology, other marine users)
  • Technical review of ES / EIA supporting reports
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment and Inter-related Impact Assessment
  • Industry wide HRA, including cumulative and in-combination assessment
  • Input into Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)
  • Consent compliance, including management of licences on our clients’ behalf
  • GIS database for all data across all licences on behalf of our clients
  • Marine survey design and management (geophysical, geotechnical, benthic, fish, archaeology, ornithology) both on a licence-specific scale and on a regional basis
  • Client reps / QC for offshore survey work
  • Analysis and reporting of marine survey data on behalf of our clients
  • Non-technical analysis reports of monitoring data
  • Substantive Reviews of dredging operations, including review of licence conditions and EIA predictions
  • Regional reviews of monitoring completed and its results
  • Post-dredge Reports
  • Research and technical papers
  • Technical dissemination of research, e.g. the MarineSpace developed MALSF Navigator

To discuss your specific requirements contact Rob Langman on 02380 381 945 or email