Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use in marine monitoring Guidance Published

MarineSpace is pleased to have partnered Carcinus Ltd and Alauda Aerial Surveys Ltd in producing the JNCC’s latest Marine Monitoring Platform Guidelines on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, which have been published today. The guidelines, entitled “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use in marine monitoring”, aimed to provide marine scientists with general guidance on the use of UAV systems for marine monitoring, with a focus on habitats.

The guidelines focus on the small UAVs (<20 kg) and sensors that are currently used routinely in marine benthic monitoring. They review the logistical issues, operational recommendations, and general costs associated with such UAV surveys.

MarineSpace’s Ophelie Humphrey, an author on the paper, is excited at the potential of UAVs: “UAVs are on the rise. They are being used more frequently and for more diverse purposes in marine and coastal monitoring. As the publication states, the use of UAVs for marine monitoring is still in its infancy but the potential applications are significant.” It is hoped that these guidelines will facilitate the continued expansion of UAVs for marine and coastal surveys.

The guidelines are available to download free of charge from the JNCC website http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-7757.