Subsea Cable Specialists

Through work on previous offshore wind farm and tidal energy projects, MarineSpace staff have extensive experience of providing consultancy support on all aspects of planning, assessment and monitoring of electrical subsea cables.  
MarineSpace is currently providing consultancy support to OFTO companies and has also recently completed an environmental assessment to support a Marine Licence application for cable protection on the export cables of a major offshore wind farm.

Additionally, MarineSpace undertook an assessment of a timing restriction on installation of an interconnector cable (related to herring spawning) on behalf of a client.  By applying a methodology developed by MarineSpace for the marine aggregates industry, we were successful in getting a 3 month block on installation lifted by the regulator.

In summary, MarineSpace is able to provide the following products and services to the subsea cables sector;

  • Input to broad route selection studies (GIS-based constraints mapping and review of environmental / geophysical data / landfall data)
  • Review of environmental and technical constraints (Annex I reefs, sandwaves, mussel beds, etc.)
  • Input to final route selection studies (as above)
  • Development of Cable Installation Plans (consent compliance requirement) via input from cable installation contractors
  • Offshore environmental audit of cable installation works (i.e. ensuring anchoring of cable barges in SAC avoids sensitive habitats / review of contractor EMP and MPCPs)
  • Design of pre-construction geophysical and environmental surveys (including assessment of Annex I habitat for potential “micro-siting” issues)
  • Design of post-construction geophysical and environmental surveys
  • Consent applications for cable / scour protection for inter-array cable ends
  • Development of Marine Licence application and supporting environmental assessment of cable / scour protection for OWF export cable and OSS
  • Review of options for cable protection
  • General consultancy advice on post-construction cable surveys and potential cable protection options
  • Management of consents relevant to cable installation, repair, and protection works

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