The skills and experience of our staff, and associates, allow the company to deliver practical and scientifically robust advice and solutions to a range of industries.  Click on your area of interest to find out more about how MarineSpace can assist your business:

Marine Aggregate Dredging

Extensive experience and knowledge in all stages of development, from prospecting and exploration through to final handback following cessation of dredging.

Offshore Wind Energy

Ability to provide high level and strategic input at all project stages, from site selection through to full EIA and post-construction monitoring.

Tidal and Wave Energy

Extensive experience and knowledge in all stages of development, from feasability through to decomissioning.

Submarine Cables

Experience in providing consultancy support on all aspects of planning, assessment and monitoring; currently providing support to OFTO companies and recently supported a Marine Licence application for cable protection at a major offshore wind farm.

Oil and Gas

Specialist services in the sector, including the provision of environmental assessment, survey planning, and survey data interpretation.

Ports and Harbours

Experienced staff and associates are able to provide support to port and harbour operators and developers during development, monitoring, and operation and maintenance of new and existing projects.

Regulatory and Nature Conservation

Working knowledge of regulatory procedures and excellent understanding of nature conservation issues; ability to provide specialist marine environmental advice during all stages of marine projects.

Supporting the environment

MarineSpace is proud to be a member of, or registered with, the following organisations: