Project Listings

Since the company’s formation in 2006, MarineSpace has successfully delivered  numerous projects across a wide range of specialisms.

Listed below are some of MarineSpace's recently completed projects

  • Production of, or input to more than 50 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects around the coast of the UK for various industries including:
    • Renewal and new Marine Aggregate  extraction licenses
    • Rd1, 2 and 3 Offshore Wind Farms (OWF)
    • Floating Offshore Wind Farms
    • Interconnector Projects
    • Tidal Stream Array projects
  • Significant experience in the design, management and reporting of marine surveys including all geophysical data and ecological samples
  • Regional surveys conducted by the Marine Aggregate Industry for 15 years
  • Provision of personnel and reporting (UKCS, Europe, USA, Canaries, Norway)
  • Development of EIA survey specifications
  • Fisheries liaison for surveys
  • EIA and consenting support for various marine developments around the coast of the UK including:
    • Consents and environmental support to operational phase of the London Array OWF.
    • Exmouth Harbour maintenance disposal
    • Management of the compliance required by joint licensees for aggregate licences including the analysis of dredging data to manage operations
    • Obtaining consents for future cable repairs in sensitive environments
  • Consent application for cable repair, remediation, replacement, blade replacement and other O&M works
  • Consents and environmental (EIA) support from EIA scoping phase to ongoing Public Inquiry for Tidal Demonstration Project
  • Expert witness for Public enquiry works
  • Consenting, EIA and compulsory purchase advice and support for a nuclear new build project
  • Marine Survey Design and Management
  • Assessment of potential impacts on Herring and Sandeel for several sectors
  • Provision of personnel and reporting (UKCS, Europe, USA, Canaries, Norway)
  • Development of EIA survey specifications for offshore renewable projects (wind/wave/tidal)
  • Provision of specialist marine ecology and fisheries advice to deal with key consent constraint issues related to subsea cables
  • Provision of specialist marine ecology and Annex I habitat advice for operational issues for OWF export cables
  • Early stage environmental support on leasing, site selection for East Anglia and Navitus Bay OWFs
  • Geoscience input to cable lay, and cable burial assessment
  • Provision of management services in delivery of the ORJIP Secretariat function
  • HRA for marine minerals tender round
  • Gap analysis of marine minerals policy and guidance
  • SEA for Irish territorial seas (heritage and archaeology)
  • Biodiversity Action Plan for the marine aggregate industry
  • Lead nature conservation statutory consultee on some developments
  • Organisation and delivery of stakeholder update meetings
  • Mail/web questionnaires for EIA scoping exercises
  • Information open days for EIA of marine development
  • Design, authoring and circulation of project updates and informatives to stakeholder groups
  • Design and delivery of websites and document dissemination applications in support of marine developments
  • Stakeholder consultation on a wide range of marine issues for various marine aggregate projects
  • Fisheries Liaison responsibilities for subsea cable project
  • Constraints mapping and site section for various sectors
  • Swathe Bathymetry and Sidescan Sonar Interpretation
  • ROV seabed imagery (video and stills) analysis for rig site surveys
  • In-house GIS Database Development and Systems Management

Supporting the environment

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