Project delivery is fundamental to our company’s, and our clients’, success

Project delivery is a fundamental performance metric for any consultancy. MarineSpace has established an extensive portfolio of completed projects, and prides itself on producing high quality advice, guidance and technical reports to aid our clients.  A central pillar of our work is to ensure that our products and services provide practical advice and guidance to our clients to assist them to achieve their project goals.  Ultimately, MarineSpace is focused on achieving tangible outcomes for our clients by providing scientifically robust, properly considered and pragmatic project outputs.

Our work includes provision of technical advice on the geological, ecological, archaeological or cumulative and in-combination aspects of the licensing or operation of aggregate licences, and / or any consenting advice that may be required.

View a list of recently completed and ongoing projects in our Project Listing and view our Project Case Studies to learn more about MarineSpace's work.

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