New Lymington Saltmarsh Replenishment Report Published

Lymington Harbour is a thriving yacht haven on the south coast of England. The harbour exists behind saltmarshes which provided protection from waves until they began to degrade in the 1920’s. In light of the reduction in the level of protection afforded by the saltmarshes, Lymington Harbour Commissioners drew up plans for phased construction of breakwaters, and as part of the consent conditions were required to undertake a habitat replenishment scheme on an area of saltmarsh.

Phase I of the works began in January 2012 following completion of an environmental impact assessment; the granting of all necessary consents; and award of grant funding from The Crown Estate. The dredging programme for Phase I was completed in February 2012 and, subsequently, further matched funding was provided by The Crown Estate and Lymington Yacht Haven for a second phase of works. MarineSpace was contracted by The Crown Estate to report on the second phase of works, including remedial works to the sediment containment structures and a second dredging programme resulting in further deposition of mud across the site. This report provides a summary of the works completed during Phase II of the project, and has now been published by The Crown Estate.

Both the Phase I and Phase II reports are available to download at