Meet the Team – Stuart Lowe

We are featuring MarineSpace Founder and Director, Stuart Lowe. Read more about Stuart, his areas of expertise, what led him to his current role and what he enjoys about it in the profile below.

Areas of expertise:

Licensing/consenting, EIA, regional and site-specific environmental monitoring, seabed survey design and management, stakeholder liaison. The majority of my work involves the marine aggregate dredging industry but I have also worked with clients in subsea cables, offshore wind and oil and gas sectors. Over the years I have become a bit of a generalist so I no longer have a ‘specialist subject’ but I think my strength lies in my sound understanding of the broad range of issues that affect developments in the marine environment.

What do you enjoy about your job?

There is so much variety in what I do. Since starting MarineSpace my role has expanded from delivery of technical studies and consenting management services, to now dealing with a broader range of business management tasks including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), project management, recruitment, business development and stakeholder liaison. I have had to learn to delegate over the years which has been a real challenge – letting go of what you had previously done yourself is more difficult than it sounds! I also really enjoy getting good feedback from clients and hearing that MarineSpace has delivered successfully.

What do you look forward to whilst at MarineSpace?

Watching the company develop and grow is really gratifying. For a long time, I never anticipated that MarineSpace would expand the way that it has, but we have been fortunate to attract some outstanding individuals, who as a team, have driven the company forward. We have weathered some challenging economic conditions and it is testament to the MarineSpace team that the company is doing as well as it is. If I had to think of specific aspect of the work that I look forward to, it would have to be the moment when the company wins work in a new sector or with a new client. It gives a real sense of achievement and the promise of a longstanding client relationship.

Hobbies outside of work:

I try and stay as active as possible. I run, cycle and like to get out walking with my family. We have two border collies so walking is a pretty essential pastime! I also like to make things out of wood, like basic furniture, cabinets, jewelry boxes and having just got a beach hut, I’ve been spending a lot of spare time fitting that out.