Meet the Team – Katie Cross

This month we are featuring Katie Cross, a Senior Marine Consultant based in the Norwich Office. Read more about Katie and her expertise below.

Areas of expertise:

My role at MarineSpace spans all marine sectors, providing management, consenting support and technical input to a range of projects, with particular focus on benthic ecology, offshore environmental survey, data interpretation and characterisation. Prior to working at MarineSpace I worked at Gardline, in both the geophysical and environmental divisions, and I apply experience and expertise gained from these previous roles to support our clients, and ensure that our projects are completed successfully.

What do you enjoy about your job?

When people ask me what a standard MarineSpace day looks like, I always reply that there is no such thing as a standard day and that is what I really enjoy about my job – no two days are the same. There is no time for boredom and every day is a learning day! I am proud to say that I am part of the MarineSpace team and enjoy collaboratively working with the team and clients, to successfully deliver, often challenging projects.

What do you look forward to whilst at MarineSpace?

In the three years that I have worked at MarineSpace the company has doubled in size. This growth has enabled us to be an integral part of larger, more complex marine projects. Some of these projects are helping support the UK’s renewable energy aspirations. I am looking forward to seeing how MarineSpace continues to develop, not only in terms of the personnel who work with us, but also with the projects that we support.

What led you to a career in marine science?

I have always been interested in nature and conservation. The decision of what to study at University gave me the opportunity to follow my heart, and that led me to a course in Oceanography and Marine Biology. Post-degree I spent quite a bit of time underwater, my happy place. Although I no longer spend much time underwater, working within the marine sector brings a smile to my face every day!

Hobbies outside of work:

I am a keen sportsperson, and when not in a pandemic, I regularly play hockey for a local team. Although the pandemic has curtailed this activity, I have maintained my sporting activities with running, cycling, and a large amount of armchair sport watching! Most of my remaining spare time is occupied by my two children, running after them and ensuring their requests for snacks are fulfilled!