Meet the Team – Georgie Harbottle

Areas of expertise:

I am a geotechnical consultant at MarineSpace. My role involves assessing the geotechnical aspects of a wide variety of projects, at various stages in a project’s life cycle. I primarily focus on the installation and burial of subsea cables and pipelines. This involves conducting cable burial risk assessments, burial assessments, creating ground models, and performing route engineering and optimisation.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The best part about my job is that I am given the opportunity to keep learning. I have great support from the geotechnical team and am able to get involved with a wide variety of projects with varying geotechnical requirements. My work can range from completing a cable burial risk assessment for the design phase of a cable installation, to analysing seabed conditions for an oil and gas decommissioning project – and everything in between!

What do you look forward to whilst at MarineSpace?

MarineSpace has a wide range of expertise within the company and I look forward to collaborating and getting involved in different projects. My focus is soil and rocks, so the opportunity to broaden my knowledge about the wider marine environmental aspects of a project will be really beneficial.

What led you to a career in marine science?

I have always loved collecting rocks and fossils but never really considered becoming a geologist when I was younger. I went from studying law at university to rediscovering my love of rocks and changing my degree to geology. My degree focused on petroleum geology and centered on offshore exploration. This focus sparked my interest in offshore geotechnics, and it is great that I am now able to use this knowledge in the offshore wind/renewables sector.

Hobbies outside of work:

I am kept busy trying to manage a house (and allotment) full of animals, including: 3 unruly dogs, 1 cat, 1 house rabbit and 11 chickens. I also enjoy weightlifting and getting out for muddy walks in the countryside.