MarineSpace supporting Ørsted with cable stabilisation works

MarineSpace Ltd has been recently commissioned by Ørsted Wind Power A/S to prepare all necessary environmental Marine Licence applications for cable stabilisation works at a number of operational UK projects.

To date, an Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) has been completed to accompany an application for a Marine Licence for cable stabilisation via rock placement at one UK project where recent investigations have shown degradation of the existing Cable Protection System (CPS) associated with inter-array cables.

MarineSpace is pleased to have supported Ørsted through this process to ensure that the application was submitted in a timely manner. This will allow planned works to take place as soon as practicable, limiting further degradation of the CPS. The support has enabled Ørsted to present due consideration incorporating best practice to ensure the surrounding environmental sensitivities in the region are protected, through a robust environmental assessment and HRA. This has ensured the proposed works will result in negligible effects to all marine receptor groups and no adverse effect on the integrity of any UK national sites that contribute to the Natura 2000 network.

Considering that site investigations have identified that degradation of the CPS infrastructure has occurred at a number of additional Ørsted projects, MarineSpace is now supporting Ørsted on the production of the Marine Licence applications required for a more extensive campaign of CPS stabilisation works.

This has been, and continues to be a challenging project, but due to the strong working relationship that we have developed with Ørsted we are able to work collaboratively, and look forward to continue to deliver the required documentation to support Ørsted’s Marine Licence application process.” – Emily Goodman, lead Marine Environmental Consultant on the project.