Stakeholder Engagement Services

Collective buy-in from all interested parties can facilitate development – from feasibility to realisation

MarineSpace is able to provide a range of stakeholder engagement services to clients.  These services are aimed at providing clear information to stakeholders regarding development plans and collating stakeholder opinions that may have a bearing on the development.  


MarineSpace has experience of stakeholder engagement utilising the following methods:

• Information days

• Production of newsletters and briefing notes

• Commissioning of web-based and postal questionnaires

• Collation and analysis of stakeholder opinion data

• Creation of websites for information dissemination

More Services

Consenting and Compliance

To work collaboratively with our clients, and with due
consideration for the sensitivity of the marine environment,
to provide consistently high quality, reliable advice regarding the planning,
consenting, development, operation and monitoring of their sites.

Supporting the environment

MarineSpace is proud to be a member of, or registered with, the following organisations: