Geographic Information System

MarineSpace provides data interpretation and management services to aid efficient and effective decision making

Data interpretation and management are major components of a development. 

Critical decisions are made on the strength of available data so sound interpretation is fundamental to the success of a plan or project.  Added to that, the nature and volume of data generated during the life of a development are changing and these, in turn, have resulted in specific pressures on developers’ resources. 

MarineSpace can assist clients in managing their data and also ensure that clients get the most from the information they hold.

MarineSpace data interpretation, presentation and management services include:

• Production of standardised graphs and charts

• Spatial and temporal analysis of data

• Swathe bathymetry and sidesan sonar interpretation providing seabed character charts

• Integration and interpretation of physical and biological datasets

• Shallow seismic data interpretation

• Acoustic and ground truth sample data integration and interpretation

• Data collation and standardisation

• Data management for individual sites and regional developments

• Design and commissioning of GISs

• Charting and figure production

• Web based display and dissemination

• Database design and creation

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Consenting and Compliance

To work collaboratively with our clients, and with due
consideration for the sensitivity of the marine environment,
to provide consistently high quality, reliable advice regarding the planning,
consenting, development, operation and monitoring of their sites.

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Supporting the environment

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