MarineSpace’s Geoscience Team specialises in providing its clients with advice relating to all aspects of their projects’ ground conditions.

MarineSpace’s Geoscience Team knows how important it is to understand site ground conditions, whether that be to inform cable burial, foundation design, or post-construction seabed scour. Therefore, our objective is to assist our clients in understanding the geology of their site, and the geotechnical implications of this for their project.

We are a multidisciplinary team, with backgrounds in geotechnical engineering, geophysics and geology, sedimentology and hydrography. Working together, with our clients, we are able to confront challenges and produce robust and cost-effective solutions. Our experience is broad and includes cables and pipelines, foundations and jack up installation. We produce targeted technical reports and broader scale integrated ground models depending on the needs of individual clients.

With extensive experience across project lifecycles from desk top studies, to pre-installation surveys and installation, we assess the likely issues along a route, or at a site, and propose solutions that work technically, environmentally and financially for our clients. Our staff can provide definitive advice on the best approach for each unique challenge faced by a project at a micro, macro and project level scale.

Typical services to clients include:

  • Desk top studies to understand site conditions prior to preliminary survey works: ensuring that such investigations are effectively targeted, use suitable methodologies and don’t duplicate existing knowledge;
  • Scoping and management of offshore Site Investigations including review/QC and interpretation of the full suite of geophysical and geotechnical data;
  • Geophysical and geotechnical data integration. Production of 3D engineering ground models and definition of engineering parameters for cable installation and foundation design;
  • Geohazard assessments including slope stability. Specific geohazard assessments for jack up rigs including shallow gas and leg punch through in addition to jack up leg penetration analysis;
  • Seabed mobility analysis, using bathymetry, and sedimentological and geomorphological data;
  • Geotechnical engineering supporting FEED, feasibility and concept/site selection for cable installation and foundation design;
  • Complete range of cable route assessments/engineering including CBRAs and BAS. Assessments for Offshore Wind Farm sites and ‘end to end’, from landfall to OSP.

Cable route assessments are supported by:

  • Route optimisation and engineering;
  • Sediment mobility assessments and determination of Residual Seabed Level (RSBL) by computational analysis integrated with unit geotechnical properties;
  • Pre-sweeping (dredging) design and analysis;
  • Technical assurance review/risk evaluation of contractor installation methodologies, equipment and production rates.

MarineSpace can also supply a full range of geotechnical engineering advice, including FEED; scoping and feasibility assessments; stability assessments for rock berms; scour protection; and installation/burial equipment.

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To work collaboratively with our clients, and with due
consideration for the sensitivity of the marine environment,
to provide consistently high quality, reliable advice regarding the planning,
consenting, development, operation and monitoring of their sites.

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