Marine Feasibility Study Consultants

Completion of early stage feasibility assessments and site selection studies will significantly reduce consenting and development effort in the latter stages of a project

Developing understanding of the planning and environmental constraints of development sites should form a fundamental part of any marine project.

MarineSpace can assist clients in this regard through completion of feasibility studies and site selection assessments that provide clear guidance on the likely issues that will influence permitting, consenting and operation of marine development sites.

MarineSpace is able to provide:

• Environmental and physical site characterisations;
• Strategic assessment of spatial interactions between seabed user impact pathways and sensitive receptor habitats, species and ecosystems;
• Identification of environmental and physical constraints;
• Identification of potential risks and consenting issues associated with proposed projects.
• GIS-based work to provide site selection support.

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Consenting and Compliance

To work collaboratively with our clients, and with due
consideration for the sensitivity of the marine environment,
to provide consistently high quality, reliable advice regarding the planning,
consenting, development, operation and monitoring of their sites.

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