Environmental Due Diligence

Identifying environmental and consenting related risks represents a critical component of the due diligence process for any significant investment in an offshore project

MarineSpace delivers insightful due diligence consultancy and pragmatic reporting that aids decision making. Environmental and consenting risks will vary from project to project and we work closely with clients to fully understand all the risks and look to reduce them where possible. 

The MarineSpace team is able to bring a wide range of perspectives to the due diligence process, with extensive experience of regulator, statutory consultee, EIA management and project development, ensuring that all risks are captured and properly assessed.

MarineSpace environmental due diligence services include:

• Dataroom evaluation

• Desk study evaluations

• Environmental assessments

• Negotation support

• Development of risk management strategies

• Management of post transaction liabilities 

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Consenting and Compliance

To work collaboratively with our clients, and with due
consideration for the sensitivity of the marine environment,
to provide consistently high quality, reliable advice regarding the planning,
consenting, development, operation and monitoring of their sites.

Supporting the environment

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