MarineSpace Provides Marine Industry Offshore Survey Training to JNCC Offshore Advice Team

Through the JNCC Business Associates Framework, MarineSpace recently had the pleasure of providing the JNCC Offshore Industry Advice Team (OIA) with online training on how MarineSpace design environmental benthic surveys for offshore industries. 

MarineSpace provided two information packed, 3 hour sessions, on topics including the benefits of geophysical data in relation to benthic survey design, the principles of survey design, an introduction to benthic survey equipment, and a whistle stop tour through data interpretation (the importance of statistical analysis and what can be achieved with imagery analysis combined with geophysical data in relation to protected habitats (Sabellaria spinuolsa and stony reef)).

This was a great opportunity for MarineSpace to knowledge share our extensive experience of assessment of benthic habitats for offshore development projects in the UK.

March 2022