Kat Route-Stephens has become a member of the Renewable UK Offshore Consenting and Licensing Group

MarineSpace Senior Marine Consultant, Kat Route-Stephens, has recently been selected to become a member of the Renewable UK Offshore Consenting and Licensing Group (OCLG).  

The RenewableUK OCLG is the primary forum for engagement within the offshore renewables industry on planning, consenting, licensing and environmental challenges. OCLG engages with government departments, advisers and stakeholders to ensure timely and sustainable delivery of projects in line with UK wind and net-zero targets, working to ensure solutions are found to key barriers to deployment. 

With the increased focus on offshore renewables within the UK, the role this Group has to play in forthcoming years is vitally important. As a result, applications to RUK to be appointed to the OCLG were very high.  

Kat commented:  

It is a great privilege to be selected to join the RenewableUK OCLG. I hope to bring my experience from different aspects of offshore consenting, as a marine licensing case officer, statutory nature conservation body (SNCB) strategic advisor for marine industries & energy and now a marine consultant supporting a number of offshore renewable projects side, to the OCLG. I look forward to being part of discussions aimed at identifying opportunities and solutions to the key consenting challenges facing this sector, which will ultimately assist the UK in its goal of achieving net zero in a sustainable manner.