Jack Walker joins MarineSpace

MarineSpace Ltd is delighted to announce that Jack Walker has joined us as a Marine Consultant.

Prior to joining the company, Jack spent 3 and a half years working as a Marine Environmental Consultant for a large consultancy company in the UK. Jack’s experience includes EIAs, site selection and international ESIAs across several sectors including offshore wind, subsea cables and O&G, with the majority of his projects located in the North Sea with some experience in Ireland, the Baltic and around Africa. Jack spent a large portion of his time over the last 6 months getting acquainted with the Scottish offshore wind consents process, working towards submitting a post consent S36c variation for several project parameter changes for a large offshore wind farm on the east coast.

Prior to starting his last role, Jack graduated from Bangor University in 2017 after studying Physical Oceanography (MSci). Jack’s focus was on tidal variations in space and time in the North Sea, and the detection of large-scale tidal signals in semi enclosed basins using high frequency long term tidal gauge data.

January 2022