“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean” (Ryunosuke Satoro)

In a world where problems require multifaceted solutions, we actively seek to collaborate with specialist companies to ensure clients are able to rely on the best available mix of personnel and resources. MarineSpace is constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with trusted partners to provide clients with fit for purpose advice and solutions for their project and development needs.

MarineSpace maintains a network of strategic alliances and top tier associates to add technical depth and worldwide experience to our core capabilities. For Projects warranting a wider resource pool of trusted experts, MarineSpace has formed an alliance with Aquatera and IDP. This alliance is based on long-standing relationships and a proven ability to work well together on complex projects. This team can provide a single point of delivery for a holistic support service with the capacity to deal with large projects in challenging and emerging markets around the world.

Alliance Partners

We are currently working with a number of partner companies and technical specialists to deliver the best service to clients. For example, Ian Reach is the Chair of the Marine Aggregate Environmental Impact Assessment Group (EIA WG), a consortium of marine consultancies responding to strategic environmental issues for the marine aggregate sector.

MarineSpace is always open to discussing potential collaboration with companies who believe that our company can provide the expertise that they might not currently posses. If you would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration please feel free to send an email to or get in touch using the details on our Contact page.

We are proud to have worked with, or be working with, the following companies in delivering projects:

  • Marine Ecological Surveys
  • Fugro EMU
  • Environmental Resources Management
  • ABPmer
  • GoBe Consultants
  • Plymouth Marine Labs
  • Suffolk Survey and Subsea Services (S4)

Supporting the environment

MarineSpace is proud to be a member of, or registered with, the following organisations: