Tidal and Wave Energy

4MarineSpace is able to provide development support and specialist environmental advice to marine projects across all project phases – from early stage site selection, site characterisation, leasing, and project design, through consenting (including scoping and full EIA), to consent compliance during and post-construction, and design and management of environmental monitoring programmes.

The MarineSpace team has extensive experience of developing and consenting marine energy projects, and can provide specific support in the following areas;

  • Project management including contractor management, scheduling, risk management
  • Site selection and characterisation employing constraints analysis, GIS input and figure production
  • Marine survey design and management for geophysical, benthic, fish, archaeology and ornithology works
  • Leasing services including application support, management of AFL key milestones
  • EIA scoping
  • EIA management including contractor management, tendering, production of ES
  • Technical input to EIA in the following areas; physical processes, marine ecology, fish ecology, commercial fisheries, ornithology, marine archaeology, other marine users
  • Stakeholder management through public consultation and engagement with regulators and statutory consultees
  • Third party technical support through review of ES’s/EIA supporting reports pre-submission and project due diligence
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment and Inter-Related Impact Assessment
  • Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA)
  • Consent applications  for Marine Licences, Section 36, DCOs
  • Consent compliance with technical input to installation plans, design and management of environmental monitoring programmes
  • Provision of client reps/QC for offshore survey work

To discuss your specific requirements contact Jonny Lewis at jonny.lewis@marinespace.co.uk.