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MarineSpace Globe Regulatory and Nature Conservation

MarineSpace is able to provide specialist marine environmental advice for regulatory and nature conservation projects

MarineSpace is able to provide specialist marine environmental advice for regulatory and nature conservation projects. Input can be provided to marine projects at all project stages. MarineSpace staff have working knowledge of regulatory procedures and an excellent understanding of nature conservation issues.

Staff are able to provide specific support in the following areas;

  • GIS input and figure production
  • EIA scoping
  • Regional Environmental Assessment (REA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of coastal and marine developments
  • Acoustic data interpretation and reporting (swathe bathymetry / sidescan sonar survey)
  • Established working relationships with statutory consultees including MMO, Defra, Cefas, JNCC, Natural England, English Heritage, Natural Resources Wales and the Environment Agency
  • Considerable experience of developing Biodiversity, Habitat and Species Action Plans in relation to major offshore developments
  • Working experience of the requirements of the EU Habitats Directive as applied to marine environments, including the Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) process for marine and coastal developments; NERC Act (2006) Section 41; and the UK Biodiversity Action Plan
  • Intimate understanding of the UK Marine Act, 2006, UK Marine Spatial Planning Policy, European Marine Strategy Directive, Habitats and Birds Directives, requirements of sustainable development and the ecosystem approach to management of marine developments
  • Extensive knowledge of Marine Protected Area (MPA) designation (national and international) including ecologically coherent network principles and practices

To discuss your specific requirements contact Ian Reach on 01733 475650  or email