Oil and Gas

anemone squareMarineSpace is able to provide specialist marine environmental services to the offshore oil and gas sector.  The company specialises in provision of environmental assessment, environmental survey planning and habitat/species survey data interpretation.  We are also able to provide offshore personnel capable of design, planning and acquisition management of environmental surveys for rig sites and pipeline routes.  MarineSpace has recently worked on pipeline route and rig site environmental surveys in the Canaries, West of Shetland, Norwegian Continental Shelf and Barents Sea.

MarineSpace staff can deliver the products and services in the following areas;

  • Scoping and design of rig site and pipeline route surveys
  • Provision of offshore survey personnel for oil and gas environmental surveys (ROV, seabed ground-truthing)
  • GIS input to survey planning and charting
  • Acoustic data interpretation and reporting (swath bathymetry/sidescan sonar survey)
  • Video and stills image analysis for habitat/species surveys
  • Technical reporting and data interpretation for environmental surveys
  • Authoring of ES/EIA for offshore developments
  • Technical review of ES’s/EIA supporting reports
  • Input into Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA)
  • Consent compliance

To discuss your specific requirements contact Stuart Lowe on 02380 381 945 or email stuart.lowe@marinespace.co.uk.