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MarineSpace Globe Offshore Wind Energy

MarineSpace is able to provide specialist marine environmental and consenting advice to the offshore wind sector

Input can be provided at all project stages, from site selection, through scoping and full EIA, to consent compliance and post-construction monitoring.  MarineSpace is also currently providing environmental and consents support to OFTO organisations on a number of Rd2 Offshore Wind Farms.

MarineSpace staff have experience of all stages of offshore wind project development and are able to provide specific support in the following areas;

  • GIS input to site selection and figure production
  • EIA scoping (Project Management and / or technical input)
  • EIA (Project Management of entire EIA process and / or technical input to physical processes, marine ecology, fish ecology, commercial fisheries, ornithology, marine archaeology, other marine users)
  • Technical review of ES / EIA supporting reports
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment and Inter-related Impact Assessment
  • Input into Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)
  • New consent applications (Marine Licence, Section 36, DCO)
  • Experience of DCO applications via the Planning Act 2008
  • Consent compliance
  • Marine survey design and management (geophysical, benthic, fish, archaeology, ornithology)
  • Provision of client reps / QC for offshore survey work

To discuss your specific requirements contact Jonny Lewis on 01646 278 100 or email