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MarineSpace Globe Project Listing

Listed below are some of MarineSpace's recently completed projects

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Facilitation and Authoring of Limited Term Marine Licence Environmental Impact Assessments for the Marine Aggregate Industry
  • Full Term Environmental Impact Assessments for the Marine Aggregate Industry
  • Input and technical review of EIAs for Rd1, 2 and 3 Offshore Wind Farms (including Lincs, LID, Dogger Bank Creyke Beck, Dogger Bank Teesside A & B, Gunfleet Sands)
  • Assessment of potential impacts on Herring and Sandeel from UK / Europe inter-connector project

Survey Design, Data Acquisition and Management

  • spi squareLymington Harbour Habitat Restoration Client Representation
  • Geophysical and Biological Survey Design and Management
  • Offshore management of ROV environmental surveys for oil and gas developments
  • Provision of personnel and reporting (UKCS, Canaries, Norway)
  • Development of EIA survey specifications for offshore renewable projects (wind / wave / tidal)

 Consenting, Licensing and Compliance

  • array squareCoordination of Marine Aggregate Regional Environmental Assessments
  • East Channel Regional Development Manager
  • First Regional Monitoring Review for the East Channel Region
  • Technical support and advice on O&M consenting issues for offshore wind developers
  • Liaison and contractor management for marine aggregate industry Regional Seabed Monitoring Programme
  • Consent compliance and environmental support for tidal energy projects
  • Consent applications and compliance for the offshore wind industry (including OFTOs)

Technical Consultancy

  • crab squareDevelopment of Methodologies for Assessment of Impacts from Offshore Development on Herring and Sandeel
  • Red-throated Diver Sensitivity Assessment for the Outer Thames Estuary
  • Authoring of Biodiversity Action Plans for Marine Developers and Industries
  • Concrete Gravity Base Foundation Environmental Constraints Study
  • Development of a marine mammal collision monitoring protocol for tidal energy project
  • Navitus Bay Seabed Geology

Strategic and Regulatory

  • stockpile_0Provision of management services in delivery of the ORJIP Secretariat function
  • HRA for marine minerals tender round
  • Gap analysis of marine minerals policy and guidance
  • SEA for Irish territorial seas (heritage and archaeology)
  • Biodiversity Action Plan for the marine aggregate industry

Stakeholder Management

  • fishing squareOrganisation and delivery of stakeholder update meetings
  • Mail / web questionnaires for EIA scoping exercises
  • Information open days for EIA of marine development
  • Design, authoring and circulation of project updates and informatives to stakeholder groups
  • Design and delivery of websites and document dissemination applications in support of marine developments

GIS, Data Interpretation and Data Management

  • Swathe Bathymetry and Sidescan Sonar Interpretation
  • ROV seabed imagery (video and stills) analysis for rig site surveys
  • In-house GIS Database Development and Systems Management
  • Navitus Bay Seabed Geology