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MarineSpace Globe Nature Conservation Assessment

With the advent of marine spatial planning and designation of a growing range of species, habitats and nature conservation zones, marine developers need sound, practical advice to inform their plans

MarineSpace staff have extensive knowledge of relevant Nature Conservation policy such as the UK Marine Act (2006), European Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and Habitats and Birds Directives, as well as a thorough understanding of Marine Protected Area (MPA) designation including ecologically coherent network principles and practices. This knowledge and experience is used to identify features of nature conservation importance and perform properly informed and robust Environmental Impact Assessment. Typical nature conservation assessment services to clients include:

  • Nature conservation feature identification and characterisation
  • Nature conservation Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Analysis and interpretation of sidescan sonar and swathe bathymetry data
  • Management and presentation of data in GIS format
  • Review and analysis of benthic survey data
  • Review of background environmental conditions
  • Nature conservation reviews and post-consent compliance technical reporting and review
  • Recommendations for appropriate mitigation measures required to meet conservation objectives
  • Expert witness services