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MarineSpace Globe Marine Historic Environment and Archaeology

MarineSpace acknowledges the importance, and promotes proper consideration, of the marine historic environment and the archaeological and built heritage during every project we work on

MarineSpace can provide high quality archaeological advice, guidance and reporting services to marine industry and developers. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the historic environment interests that may be affected by a particular proposal, and to ensure that any impacts to the marine historic environment are avoided or mitigated in a cost effective and practical manner, proportionate to anticipated impact and archaeological significance. We have particular experience of advising the marine aggregates industry, the renewables industry and other marine developers on the archaeological implications of their activities. MarineSpace is able to provide the following archaeological and maritime heritage services:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Heritage Statements
  • Desk Based Assessments
  • Regional Environmental Assessments
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Mitigation schemes and licence conditions
  • Monitoring Plans
  • Monitoring Reports
  • Archaeological Written Schemes of Investigation
  • Reporting protocols
  • Journal articles
  • Promotional literature
  • Strategic research
  • Guidance
  • Thematic studies